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The six edges in the T&T logo design represent the six core values of the company that act like strong pillars for the brand, communicating what the brand is about, consolidating in the Brand preposition 'Built On Values'.


  • Innovate to Inspire title

    Backed by the power of new-age developers who believe in innovation and tradition alike, T&T believes in deliverance on quality, uncompromised living at a convenient price point for all the sectors of society.

  • Invent to progress title

    Implementing an innovative, bold approach to our work and a personalized one to our public relations, we are inching closer to our goals every minute- driving towards excellence and building happy communities.

  • Instil to excel title

    We believe in providing our customers a one-of-a-kind, spacious, secure and positive community living experience, inculcating in them a sense of pride of ownership about their living space.